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Common Problems with Openers 
  • Sagging Chain/Belt
  • Intermittence
  • Noisy
  • Door Hums But Does Not Move
  • Remote Not Working or Weak Reception
  • Wall Button Not Working

A common issue that can occur in a garage door opener is when the ridges in the gear wear out because the gear lubrication has evaporated. As a result of the worn gear, the sprocket cannot turn the chain and the door will no longer open or close. If the inside of a garage door opener looks like it is full of snow, this means the gear has been stripped, or shredded. Gears, boards, sensors and bearings can be replaced on older openers, assuming these parts are available. Old, worn out garage door openers should be replaced. If the door is not balanced properly, the process can be sped up. A common cause of an unbalanced garage door is having the wrong size or worn out spring(s) on the door. Our service technician will always let you know if this is a potential problem and if it is repairable or replaceable.
Garage door motors, also called openers or operators, come in many varieties. With so many different models and manufacturers, we would have to make an entire website in order to address all the issues that can occur with garage door motors.
Why They Fail
Repair Vs. Replacement
Occasionally, when your garage door opener is not functioning properly it can be repaired. Diagnosing and repairing your existing motor may be a less expensive option than replacing the unit. We often recommend repair over replacement for this reason depending on the age of your motor. We always maintain a full inventory of garage door opener parts on our trucks, so we can ordinarily repair it in a single visit.
There are also times when we recommend replacement:
Federal Regulations (UL 325) were updated in 1993, which made garage door openers safer. If yours was manufactured prior to that date it is unlikely your house would even pass an inspection with it, so we recommend to replace in this situation.
Safety concerns with a brand- If a manufacturer has been successfully sued for safety defects, we will not repair that model.
No safety eyes - if the safety eyes are not present, the opener does not meet UL 325 compliance: therefore we will typically recommend replacement.
If the brand no longer exists, parts for those openers will be unavailable and replacing is usually the only option.
Action Door carries a wide selection of LiftMaster garage door openers that will perfectly fit your garage and your budget. LiftMaster offers chain, screw, and belt garage door openers. We feel they are unmatched in reliability in the industry.
Garage door openers are changing rapidly to include features that make your life easier and more secure. Now you can connect your garage door to the internet for remote monitoring and control through a smart phone or PC. You can count on Action Door to inform you about the newest garage door openers and accessories available.
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